WELCOME to the Town of Andover, NY
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The first settlement of the Town of Andover was made in 1795 at Elm Valley, previously called Shoemaker's Corner, by Nathanial Dike and Stephen Cole.  It is the town line between Andover and Wellsville.  The oldest of Andover’s 18 known cemeteries, Cole-Dike Cemetery was marked by a sign dedicated September 2016. 

First Called Bakers or Bakerstown in 1809, the Town of Andover was formed from Independence on January 28, 1824 and a portion of Wellsville was annexed in 1855.  It has an area of 23,785 acres.  The name of the town was first suggested by James Adams whose childhood home was in Andover, Vermont.  He and his family moved from Vermont the same year this town was formed.  As the first town meeting was also called in 1824, the name, Andover, apparently was adopted then. 


For more Andover History go to website: Allegany County Historical Society

Special thanks to Ron Taylor, President of the Allegany County Historical Society for providing this historical summary.